Step 4

Which big idea should I go with?

If a single, perfect big idea for your advertising emerges at once — you are very lucky! But more often, the agency will have two or three promising ideas but not know for sure which to take forward.

Consumer feedback at this stage can help identify the route with the most potential and provide insights into how to make it stronger – but it needs to be interpreted with great care. We’ve heard horror stories of promising ideas being condemned because the stimulus used in the research completely under-represented the idea’s true potential. With qualitative research, there’s less risk of this happening because the moderator can guide respondents to focus on the core idea (even if they have responded negatively to one of the ways the idea has been brought to life in the stimulus). Quantitative research can also work well, but only if it can measure the strength of the big idea when it’s presented at its best — and not be affected by aspects of the stimulus that inadvertently taint people’s response to it.

Regardless of how consumer feedback is obtained, it’s important to have a framework for assessing the potential of big ideas.

Here is a set of criteria you may find useful:

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