Final thoughts

Advertising development isn’t easy. It requires the blending of disciplines to create something unique and tailored to the needs of the brand, and the patience to allow its long-term effects to pay dividends.

Advertising is not for the faint-hearted nor near-sighted, but its rewards can far exceed investments in other areas. If you decide to invest in advertising, be clear on the role it needs to play, embrace creativity, obtain human feedback early and often during development and if it seems to be working in-market, stick with it to reap the long-term rewards.

How can Zappi help?

Zappi offers an ad development system via our flexible and easy-to-use platform, which provides human insights from big ideas through storylines, early and final executions so you can create winning ads people love.

Human insights early and often ensure you have great market orientation around what truly resonates and works for your target audience. Iterating with storylines (through storyboards) enables the insights to be valuable and usable and avoids the frustration caused by hearing about issues too late in the process – after emotional energy and hard cash has already been spent developing ads.

By eliciting human feedback at the right time and in the right way, ads can be bolder, without the risk of a misstep. Insights can be used to iterate, validate, optimize and learn for the future. The role of the system is not to ‘test’ or give a red or green light, but rather to ensure more of the advertising hits the sweet spot.

Meaningful insights can be accessed for all channels, helping you maximize your total budget and build resonance with your target audience over time. This means you can invest in media with confidence knowing that your advertising resonates and will deliver great ROI.

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